Installation Of Duct Air Conditioner

A duct air conditioner is a high-performance climate control equipment used in large areas. A large private house, a cottage, an apartment, a shop, a production workshop – in these situations, the optimal choice is a ducted air conditioner. The main task of the system is to cool or heat air masses with further distribution throughout the rooms using air ducts to achieve comfortable microclimatic conditions. Installation of a duct air conditioner, taking into account the above features, is best done together with the installation of a ventilation complex. This is a complex job that requires taking into account many indicators and parameters that determine final productivity. If you work in Ashland City TN and your company needs help in installing a ducted air conditioner, we recommend that you pay attention to our organization with extensive experience.

Design features

The duct air conditioner is a split system with a sophisticated design. The set of its components looks like this:

  • Outdoor unit. Its main task is to remove the thermal energy accumulated by the refrigerant into the atmosphere;
  • Indoor unit. The body is provided with a set of fittings that allow you to connect the line through which freon circulates. Inside the housing, there are compressors responsible for providing pressure sufficient for freon circulation, automation modules, and heat exchangers. Depending on the requirements for the interior, the indoor unit can be installed under a suspended ceiling or in an open way;
  • Highway. A system of pipes and hoses through which freon circulates between the blocks;
  • Fan. Its task is to create the necessary pressure so that air masses circulate through the channels;
  • Adapter. The adapter has the function of a transition link between the indoor unit and the air ducts operating for supply and exhaust;
  • Water pump. A pump that is installed to effectively pump out accumulations of condensate formed during the operation of climate control equipment;
  • Filters. Depending on the design features, filter elements provide coarse or fine cleaning of air masses circulating through the system. This improves indoor air quality.


Installation of duct air conditioners is just one of the areas of activity of our company. To carry out the indicated work in full compliance with current regulatory requirements, it is necessary to first prepare a competent project. It is carried out by highly qualified engineers who have not only the relevant knowledge but also experience in their practical application.

The process begins with thermal calculations, which demonstrate the required cooling power, which is used as a basis when selecting equipment. Calculations show exactly what equipment needs to be installed at the site. Then begins the stage of determining the cross-section of the air ducts, which will be sufficient for the effective functioning of the system. Specialists also determine where diffusers need to be installed, and where grilles should be installed, determine the system configuration, and calculate the total length. The speed of movement of air masses through the channels is selected, which meets the needs of the facility. This indicator should be sufficient for the system to function effectively, but not excessive since an excessive value will provoke noise and other unpleasant phenomena.

When drawing up a project, our specialists are guided by a set of important rules, due to which the complex works more efficiently:

  • Air ducts are laid with a minimum of bends and turns since deviations from a straight line negatively affect throughput, and increase resistance to airflow, which provokes noise and the need to install additional fans that consume electricity;
  • The optimal configuration of air ducts is a circle, which is explained by the low aerodynamic drag coefficient. The selection of a rectangular or square pipe is justified only if the project requires a hidden arrangement of channels, for example, in a space hidden by suspended ceilings;
  • The selection of compatible ventilation grilles and diffusers is made based on the fact that the maximum speed of air passage through them is limited to two meters per second. Neglecting this rule will result in constant unpleasant noise. If system parameters do not make it possible to operate such grids, then the need for additional adapters arises.

Installation principles

Duct-type air conditioners are installed by professional workers who strictly follow the provisions outlined in the design documentation. It all starts with selecting the place where the outdoor unit will stand. In Ashland City TN, sometimes you have to be guided not only by the location of the building on the cardinal points but also by the requirements for its appearance. For ease of maintenance, our specialists prefer to install devices close to balconies or large windows.

The next stage is finding a place to locate the indoor unit. The temperature in the area of ​​its installation should not fall below 10 degrees Celsius. Most often, the optimal solution for mounting a block is to fix it on the surface of the ceiling or wall. In some cases, vibration-damping inserts are used.

Our company is known in the Ashland City TN market, and therefore the final stage of work for us is always a set of tests that allows us to detect and eliminate system defects before putting the finished project into operation on-site. The result of this approach is that the client receives a fully operational air conditioning complex, adapted to high loads, capable of effectively working out the entire period provided for by the warranty.