How Many Backlinks You Need to Know for SEO?

They are one of the commonly utilized terms in search engine optimization. Establishing backlinks with well-known and trusted websites is an essential element of Google’s algorithms. They can be a decisive factor that determines whether a website can rise or fall in the Google search results.

Backlinks are often described as inbound hyperlinks, and incoming links are also known as one-way or inbound links. They are clickable and permit you to move from one site to the next page. Google and other large search engines believe that backlinks can significantly impact the quality and amount of your site. Backlink-rich pages have a higher chance of receiving excellent organic search engine ranking since they have more data that can help their websites and web pages with a high amount of traffic.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks count as votes for your site compared to other websites. Numerous votes signal to search engines that the content is worthy of reading, reliable, and beneficial.

The more votes you receive for your site, the better it will be ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and various other engines. Incorporating backlinks into the algorithm of a search engine is an old idea. The first Google algorithm, PageRank, was created using backlinks. The algorithm was later modified. Google changed a few things in its algorithm over time. However, backlinks are still thriving and are a major ranking factor. They are considered to be one of Google’s three most essential search engine ranking factors alongside ‘content’ and “rank brain”.

Backlinks aren’t all equal. High-quality backlinks are used to give them a higher ranking in search engine results. A high-quality backlink could beat 100 low-quality ones. It turns out that the same traits are displayed by backlinks of high quality.

Why are Backlinks Important?

You now know what the solution to this question is: How do you define backlinks? It is essential to comprehend the reasons behind them before including them in your optimization plan.

Backlinks are a valuable source of feedback from other sites which inform search engines that your website’s content is reliable and valuable.

Therefore, the greater the amount of “votes” you manage, the better your website will rank on Google as well as other search engines.

The idea of linking isn’t new. It’s been around since the beginning of Google’s algorithm’s initial design called PageRank. Although there have been many years of modifications to the algorithm over the past, backlinks have continued to be a major factor in a crucial ranking indicator.

Google also confirmed that backlinks count among the three most vital ranking factors in search engine rankings.

It signals that other businesses are also vouching for your site’s content. When a variety of websites link to one web page or website, search engines come to recognize that the page/ website is worthy of being linked to and appearing in the SERP. Therefore, earning backlinks could improve your website’s rank or search results.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

A link that transfers credibility (or “link juice” from one website to another is also known as a dofollow link. It instructs that search engines follow the hyperlink and view it as a sign of confidence in the linked website. Dofollow backlinks are among the most beneficial kinds of backlinks for SEO because they boost the authority of domains on a site and improve the rank of a website in search engines.

What are Nofollow Backlinks?

A nofollow backlink refers to a link that does not transfer authority or link juice from one website to the other. The nofollow attribute informs search engines to not follow the link or consider it as a vote of trust for the website. Nofollow links were designed to fight spam and poor-quality links. While nofollow links cannot directly affect SEO on a site, however, they do help increase traffic and visibility.

The 9 Best Types of Backlinks

Based on the website depending on the website, there are eight types of backlinks, each with its own amount of importance. These backlinks will aid you in creating your link-building strategies to acquire top-quality backlinks that can help your SEO.

Backlinks for Editorial

Descriptions of editorial content that contain links to your website and are embedded in high-quality, relevant material are the best backlinks.

In general, the formation of editorial backlinks occurs when your website’s content (like articles or an infographic) is used as the source for specific information, a company representative is mentioned in a press release, or your site is mentioned in a roundup of links on specific topics.

To build backlinks for editorial content Create continuous content that cements your status as an authority on the subject building your site and brand as the go-to source for interviews and industry knowledge. Create shareable and appealing content that is likely to become viral.

Use SEO tools that are capable of finding hot keywords and topics that competitors have already mastered, but your website has to work on.

Backlinks From Guest Blog posts 

When you send guest blog posts to well-established websites, affixing an editorial link to your website is typically an option. Guest blogging outreach is a crucial element of nearly every SEO strategy. Try to locate quality sites to take advantage of these opportunities.

Backlinks in Business Online Profiles

If you create online profiles for your company on websites for business listings and social networks, as well as review sites, and industry directories websites, you will typically be connected to your site (or several). Search engines view these pages as evidence that the website has been around for quite a while.

Backlinks to Webinars

Webinars (and their recordings) offer valuable information for websites to hyperlink to. Webinars are often featured on their websites to provide a link to your company and highlight the things you do for your business. It is possible to gain backlinks through strategies similar to those employed to promote your blog. Your webinar can serve as an information source for the websites that you’re looking at to promote guest blogging.

The Free Tool Backlinks

Giving away a useful device for free is another effective method of gaining interest and backlinks that have a major and long-lasting impact on SEO. This could mean creating something simple but useful, such as an estimate of costs that can be beneficial to the people working in your company, or allowing downloading a trial version of an application that you sell. To get backlinks, promote the app on sites that have similar readers like the one you are promoting (use search engines to identify these sites) as well as the websites you want your guest writer to write for.

These Acknowledgment Backlinks

If a business makes gifts, is represented by a spokesperson at or participates in an industry event, and so on. Websites often display acknowledgments. It is possible to determine what is behind your competitor’s backlinks and assist you in establishing plans to increase your site’s name recognized through these acknowledgment backlinks.

Guest Post Bio Links

If a website that is open to guest blogging doesn’t allow backlinks within the article It will usually allow them in the bio section of the writer. It doesn’t matter if the backlinks do not link directly to content that is editorial. They affect SEO because visitors frequently backlink to sites with a higher number of viewers. They are aware of where others visit to read blogs and articles, and also find recipes.

The Badge Backlinks

The idea of creating an emblem to be presented to other businesses in recognition of their standing or performance in some manner is an excellent method of building backlinks and is something to consider. When these sites proudly display the logo on their sites they will provide you with an e-mail link to your site. You’ll also need to employ SEO tools to locate websites that have audiences similar to your own and to pinpoint potential customers of your badge programs.

The Comment Backlinks

When you comment on a blog post typically, you’re allowed to include a hyperlink to your site. Spammers often take advantage of this to try to build poor links. But, if users comment on genuine blog posts Sharing hyperlinks can help increase the traffic to your site and help increase awareness of your brand.

Paid Links or Sponsored

Paid or sponsored links are those that have been bought by a site’s owner or the advertiser. They should be tagged with their rel=”sponsored” attribute to signal the search engine that these are sponsored links. While paid links can enhance the SEO of a site, Google and other search engines require that they be declared and identified as paid or sponsored.

UGC Links

UGC hyperlinks are generated by the users or visitors of a site. These links must include a rel=”UGC” attribute to signal the search engine that they’re generated by users. content. UGC hyperlinks are important for SEO because they signal the search engine that a site is an active and engaged community.

How to Analyzing Backlinks?

Analyzing backlinks is a crucial element of SEO. It assists in determining the amount and quality of backlinks for a site. There are a variety of tools available to examine backlinks. These include Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush. These tools can provide information about the amount of available backlinks and the domain credibility of the websites linking to them as well as the anchor text that is used in backlinks.

The Best Kind of Backlinks

Links to Social Media Posts

You may be thinking about what are the top backlinks. Links in social media posts are an excellent kind of backlink that can be used for SEO. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can generate massive traffic to websites. If a link is shared on social media sites, it could also increase the authority and visibility of a site.

Referral Backlinks and Domains

Referral backlinks, sometimes referred to as referral domains, are an example of backlinks that originate through other websites. They can be an excellent source of traffic and assist in improving a site’s SEO. Referral backlinks are obtained via Outreach, Guest blogging, or link exchanges.

What Backlinks Should You Avoid?

Buying Links

Search engines assess the worth of your site by how much it’s been received by other legitimate and well-earned websites. Google declares that selling and buying links can harm the ranking of a website in search. It’s not what you get when you purchase links to gain some SEO advantages.

Backlinks Press Releases That Are Not Newsworthy

Press releases that are created to gain backlinks aren’t a good practice. It can harm your SEO since this method is regarded as spam. Web users hate being bombarded through these backlinks.

Irrelevant Directory Links or Low-quality

It could be detrimental to your SEO If you create accounts in directories where they aren’t reputable or respected (or when they’re not pertinent to your company). They’re also regarded as spam, and lots of people who visit websites hate them.

Quality Forum Backlinks

A brand’s forum posts with hyperlinks, especially those that include them should be restricted to forums of high-quality and genuine debates. Users who attempt to spam forums with hyperlinks might not see the results they desire.

Websites Domains that have a high Spam Score

Websites that have high spam scores are websites deemed to be low-quality or unprofessional in the eyes of search engines. Links from these sites can harm the SEO of a website which is why they should not be used. Tools such as Ahrefs or Moz could be utilized to determine the score of a website before receiving links from them.

Types of Backlinks Are Valuable

Of the different kinds of backlinks available, some have more worth than others. That is why it is important to focus on quality backlinks. A high-quality backlink is more effective than thousands of poor-quality backlinks. Below are some examples of the types of backlinks that are worth having:

Backlinks originating from reputable, authentic websites

The idea that Domain Authority applies to websites which means that websites with more authority can pass on more relevant hyperlinks to your website (via an external hyperlink).

You’ll see an increase in your organic search engine results once you receive a backlink on an authority site with high domain authority.

While these links can be difficult to obtain, however, they are worth the effort.

The link’s Anchor Text Includes Target Keywords

Anchor text refers to a text in a link readers will be able to read. Therefore, links that have anchor texts that incorporate your targeted keyword could be crucial for growth. According to Ahrefs, they have a strong connection between anchor text keywords and better positions for that keyword.

It is essential to recognize that overdoing it with anchor texts that are keyword-rich could trigger an action by the Google filter within Google Penguin. It blocks websites that employ links that are not legitimate.

The Relevant Site Links to Yours

Google bots are more intelligent than you think. When a website links to another one, they determine if they are connected. For instance, suppose you wrote an article about the top schools in the US. Google will display value-added links from websites that talk about university education, universities, or scholarships over sites that talk about health, fitness, or fishing.

This is a “Dofollow” Link

Search engines, such as Google do not consider links with”no follow” tags “no follow” tag. Although most links do have do-follow tags, some instances of links that come from sources that are not followed include:

  • Blog comments
  • Paid ads
  • Press releases

Let’s suppose Website X provides you with a link again. Do the second, third, and fourth links remain as strong as the original?

Links from the same domain offer decreasing yields. It is therefore better to have 10 links from 10 distinct websites rather than 100 links from the same site.

Make use of backlinks that are relevant and watch your website expand.

The Best Methods Practices

Before we look into the various types of backlinks, it’s important to know the best methods to acquire these. The first step is to focus on getting backlinks from websites with high authority that are relevant to your field. Also, stay clear of link-buying schemes or purchasing links as they could affect your website’s reputation and ranking. Thirdly, diversify your backlink profile by including a mix of dofollow and nofollow hyperlinks. Also, you should focus on establishing connections with other websites in your field to increase your chances of acquiring quality backlinks.

The Create a Linkable Asset

A linkable asset can be described as a piece of content that you publish on your website that is distinctive, valuable, and shareable. Examples include long-form blog posts or research studies as well as interactive tools. The creation of a linkable resource that is distinct from competitors is an effective method to get quality backlinks. After you’ve created an asset that can be linked, make sure to make sure to promote it via email outreach, social media as well as other channels for marketing to boost the visibility of your asset and attract hyperlinks.

Create Backlinks using Link Roundups

Link roundups are blog posts that contain the most popular content on the subject. To gain backlinks through link roundups you need to research websites in your field that publish them regularly and present your content as an important part of the next roundup. If your content is featured in a link roundup it may be linked to by other websites that consider it valuable.

Broken Link Construction 

Broken link construction is the process of looking for broken hyperlinks on websites, and then putting back links to them that are based on your content. To employ this method, search for websites in your field that have broken links. find the content connected to and develop similar content for your site. After that, contact the owner of the website and propose a replacement of the link that is broken with one that links to your website’s content. This strategy not only helps you get backlinks but aids the website’s owner in fixing broken links.

Other Visual Assets and Infographics

Informational and visual content such as infographics as well as videos are easily shared and can generate high-quality backlinks. For this reason make a visual asset that adds value for your customers and promotes it via email outreach, social media, and other channels for marketing. Images that look distinctive, appealing, engaging, and visually attractive are more likely to get backlinks.

Post Submit Testimonials

Giving testimonials to companies or products you are using is an excellent way to get backlinks. When you are submitting a testimonial for review make sure you include a link to your site and ensure that your review adds value to the business. This strategy not only helps in gaining backlinks but also establishes relations with other companies within your field.

The Blogger’s Reviews

Submitting testimonials and asking bloggers to write reviews about your product or service is a fantastic way to gain backlinks. To use this strategy look for bloggers within your field and contact them to ask them to rate the product. Be sure that your service or product will provide an added benefit to the bloggers’ audience and provide them with discounts or other incentives for them to write a review of the product.

Method of Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is the method of looking for mentions of your company or other content on websites without the link, and then reaching out to the owner of the website to request that a link be included. For this method create Google Alerts on behalf of your content or brand and find mentions that do not include links. After that, contact the owner of the website and ask that they include a link on your site.

Reverse Engineer the Competitor’s Backlinks

Another way to get backlinks is to reverse engineer the backlinks of your competitors. For this method, find your top competitors and utilize an analysis tool for backlinks to determine which websites have links to them. After that, you can reach out to the websites you have identified and ask them to connect to your site in addition. This method helps you create high quality backlinks from websites within your industry that already have confidence in your competitors.


1. How can I find an illustration of an example of a backlink?

Backlinks are hyperlinks that link from one page of a website to another. If a website is connected to yours, you’ll receive a backlink from them. If you connect to a website, you provide them with the backlink.

2. The number of backlinks you get per month is great for SEO?

A rating of 60-100 is great, while 40-50 is a good range while anything below 40 isn’t exceptional. If you are looking to develop quality backlinks, you must begin by acquiring links from sites that have a decent domain authority. The links you choose should be relevant to the subject you are promoting and backed by search engines across the globe.

3. What is the most powerful kind of backlink?

The most efficient backlinks are those that follow follow-through. Do-follow backlinks are SEO-friendly. juice from the site that links to the site that receives the link.

4. Which of the backlinks is most important in SEO?

The most harmful backlinks are “Tier 3 backlinks. Search engines can penalize your website for constructing these backlinks. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements or spam comments as well as general directories are types from third-tier 3 backlinks.


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